About us


Dinco is the NUMBER ONE choice for international clients with industrial plants, high-rise buidings, hotels, resorts, traffic and infrastructure constrution projects.

No matter how complex a project, how remote the location, how stringent the requirements, Dinco will meet and work to exceed the client’s expectations.  Our portfolio encompasses a panoply of construction and engineering feats. In addition, thanks to our unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment, we can offer you, the client, cost saving project management services.  Dinco saves money and time by proposing innovative engineering solutions. We are able to offer competitive pricing by using our own concrete and stone resources.

Together with our clients, we work to create job opportunities; striving to improve the quality of life for local people wherever we have projects.

Privately owned, with headquarters in Danang city and a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, we employ nearly 400 corporate staff and 1200 workers. 

To be the leading company in Vietnam in the fields of industrial plants, high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts, traffic and infrastructure construction projects

Customers will see us as team members working for their success. We will anticipate your needs, satisfy them to the highest level and deliver on every commitment we make in order to maximize the benefits we bring to you.

People are proud to work at Dinco. We have built a specific culture based on honesty and integrity where every one of Dinco’s staff is empowered to achieve and exceed your expectations and be rewarded for their success personally.

Communities will appreciate our effort to improve the local standard of living. We create jobs for them, promote sound management of resources, and make positive contributions to the government budget which builds a better quality of life.

We are privately owned company and guided by firmly held values

  • Integrity and honesty. Dinco’s culture is based on integrity and honesty. We have set up the highest standards of ethical business performance which every employee is committed to follow. There is no compromise for any reason and under any circumstance. We are open and transparent in all dealings with clients and sub-contractors.
  • Excellence.We set high standards for every employee to achieve. We continually improve our managerial capabilities seeking to apply advanced Technology for our clients so that we may exceed their expectations.
  • Mutual Respect. We work by our Dinco Rules, which encourage openness, teamwork and trust. We value diverse backgrounds, experience, and opinions. We respect the differences and working style of every customer and subcontractor.
  • Safety. We believe every accident is preventable, and we continue our pursuit of zero accidents – people’s lives depend on it.
  • Sustainability. Based on the foundation of honesty and integrity, we plan and act for the long term good of our customers, environment and community.


Position: Chairman of B.O.D, General Director

Education: Industrial and Civil Engineer – Danang Polytechnical University

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • After graduating from Polytechnical University in 1996 – Danang, he came to HCMC to work for Construction Companies and Corporations in the role of Site Engineer, Site Manager.
  • He started business in Sep 2000 as Leader of Construction Team No.3 of Danang Infrastructure Development and Construction Company.
  • In 2004, he founded Dinco Corporation with 20 personnel.
  • He exhibits a professional working manner, amiable but decisive character.
  • With a passion for ethics and trustworthiness in doing business, clients feel secure about the quality and progress of their projects.
  • He has visited and learned from the experience of construction corporations in many countries in the world such as: USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, China.
  • Other Involvements: Vice Chairman of Danang Young Businessman Association; Vice Director of Construction Contractor Association – Central Branch; Executive Committee Member of Danang Construction Association.



Position: Vice Chairman of B.O.D, Deputy General Director

Education: Bachelor of Economics – Danang Economic College

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • Standing side by side with the Chairman from the beginning, she is always the first person to support and assist with important policies of the company.
  • She is in charge of the Finance Department, seeking for financial partners to ensure the company’s operation.
  • She trains staff to become qualified and enthusiastic ones.
  • With a friendly, generous and sensitive character, she often cares about the material and spiritual life of the staff.
  • She has traveled to the USA, Singapore, China, Thailand for business trips.


Position: Deputy General Director

Education: Industrial and Civil Engineer – Danang Polytechnical University 

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • He has over 17 years of experience in civil and industrial construction.
  • Before joining Dinco, he worked as Site Manager for large hotels such as: Sai Gon – Kim Lien Hotel, Phuong Dong hotel, Sai Gon – Ha Long hotel, etc..
  • Since joining in Dinco in 2007, he has worked on many big projects such as: Daiwa Fishing Rod Factory (phase 2), Yonezawa Electric Wire Factory, Groz-Beckert Garment Equipment Manufacture Factory, etc…
  • The combination of listening well and being carefulness and meticulous makes him able to thoroughly understand all the needs of clients, especially those who have stringent requirements of engineering and quality standards.
  • He has traveled for business to: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan.


Position: Deputy General Director

Education:  Industrial and Civil Engineer – Danang Polytechnical University 
                     Information Engineer – Danang Polytechnical University 

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • He has over 15 years of experience in civil and industrial construction.
  • Ngan’s experience in design and construction engineering, equips him to help customers to save time and money by proposing appropriate alternative solutions. Some projects that benefited from his time saving solutions include: Electronic Component Factory, Garment Equipment Manufacture Factory, TCIE Vietnam Auto Plant.
  • Being straightforward, open-minded and able to speak English well, he establishes good relationships with customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Business travels include: Thailand, Malaysia, China.


Position: Deputy General Director

Education: Bridge and Road Engineer – Danang Polytechnical University

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • He has over 15 years of experience in civil and infrastructure construction.
  • He started working at Dinco in 2007 as the Head of Business Planning.
  • With experience working at PMU and major Japanese construction company, he has contributed to making DINCO a construction company that meets international standards.
  • After completing the Highmark course in Management, he was appointed Deputy General Director of Internal Affairs of DINCO. With professional knowledge and effective working skills, he has assumed an internal front of the company in: Marketing, IT, HSSE, Human Resources and Training.
  • He can communicate well in English.
  • He has visited and worked in several countries such as USA, Singapore, Indonesia, China.


Position: Deputy General Director 

Education: Civil and Industrial Engineer – Da Nang University of Polytechnique

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • After graduating from Da Nang University of Polytechnique in 1996, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City and started working in the field of civil and industrial construction up to now.
  • He participated in such big projects as Sheraton Hotel (80 Dong Du Street, District no. 1, HCMC), Biorat Factory, Apartments of Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group, Krông Hnăng Hydroelectric Station, the underground part of South Sai Gon Surgical Hospital … in the capacity of Site Manager and Project Manager;
  • Joining DINCO in 2016, for him the big happiness in work is to see the development and growth of subordinates. He also has passion in building Company to be the strong Vietnamese branch.
  • He always creates the consensus among his team to achieve the set goals and meet the Clients’ demands.


Position: Manager of M&E Construction Division

Education: Electrical Engineer – Da Nang University of Technology

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • He has 17 years of experience in the field of electrical construction and project management.
  • Before joining DINCO, he had experienced in managing the ODA projects.
  • Joining DINCO in 2011, he had participated in such M&E construction projects as Moonlight Hotel, Hitech Textile Factory, Hoa Xuan waste water treatment factory, Sasaki Factory etc… in the role of site manager.
  • With his knowledge and experience in the field of M&E, he has help the Company train and develop the human resource, manage the M&E construction work for all DINCO projects.
  • Being sincere, frank and proactive in work, he he always maintains high reputation with our customers and partners.


Position: Deputy General Director – Dinco Sai Gon

Education: Civil and industrial Engineer – Da Nang University of Polytechnique

Training course: Business Administration Course – certified by Highmark Incorporated, Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • After graduating in 2007, he worked for some projects including Montgomerie Links Vietnam Golf Course, Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa…
  • He has almost 10 years of experience in the construction of civil and industrial projects.
  • Joining Dinco since 2009, he has participated in such typical projects as Groz-Beckert Garment Equipment Manufacture Factory, Colgate Palmolive Toothbrush Manufacture Facility in Binh Duong Province, Schneider One CVN Project, etc.
  • With the enthusiasm of the youth and the diligence, he is able to listen and respond well to the rigorous demands of customers on technical and quality standards, as well as maintain good relationship with them and always receive the high appreciation from partners.


Position: Deputy General Director – Dinco Sai Gon

Education: Civil and Industrial Engineer – National University of Civil Engineering (Ha Noi)

Training course: Site Manager of Class 1, Fiancial Administration, Internal Audit, Dale Carnegie and High Mark

  • 14 years of experience in the field of civil engineering
  • Participating in various kinds of civil projects: Sabeco Factory in Cu Chi, Mascot Hai Duong, Hi-end Apartment CN 13 – S13 Phu My Hung, Vinhome Central Park Tan Cang – Vingroup, Ba Na Resort, Premier Village Danang Resort, VinUNI School, 6-basement complex building The One, Golden Square …
  • Undertaking different positions in big construction group: Site Manager, CCM Department Manager, Head of Internal Control Board cum member of Supervisory Board, legal system specialist, human resource advisor, training expert.
  • Straight, sincere working style. Joining DINCO with the desire to build a transparent, open, creative and highly effective working environment.


Position: Vice Director – Value & Engineering Division

Education: Electrical Engineer – Danang Polytechnique University 

  • He has over 11 years of experience in civil and industrial construction.
  • Before joining Dinco, he worked at such projects as: Cosevco Hotel, Indochina Riverside Tower, Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel with the roles of M&E Supervisor, M&E Coordinator.
  • He started to work at Dinco in May 2009 as the role of Leader M&E team.
  • With vast knowledge in the M&E field, he has been a tremendous help to the development of the M&E department and greatly appreciated by customers.
  • Up to now, most clients award Dinco both building and M&E work.
  • He can communicate in English well. At present, he is the Director of M&E division that comprises of: M&E design and tender team and M&E execution management team.
  • He has traveled on business to Thailand and Malaysia.


Position: Vice Director – Value & Engineering Division

Education: Architect – Danang Polytechnique University

  • He had many years of experience working in foreign companies in the field of designing and managing entertainment projects, hotels, resorts … The positions and projects that he has worked in the past were : chief architect in charge of detailed design for French village project – Ba Na Hills, for Asia – Danang Sunworld park project, Chief Architect in concept, detail and landscape design for M-Gallery Hotel (5 stars, Ba Na Hills) …
  • Joining Dinco in 2016 as an Architect, after nearly 3 years of dedication and affirmation of his ability, he has been appointed as the Vice Director of the Value & Engineering Division. He is a participant in proposing optimal design solutions for Customers of projects such as Hiyori Garden Tower, Amann Sewing Thread Manufacture Factory, Ducksan Vina Factory, Relats Component Manufacture Factory, Sunshine Aerospace Aviation Component Plant, Happy Furniture Dung Quat Factory, Steel Wire and Steel Cord Manufacture Factory of Bekaert Vietnam – Dung Quat, …
  • With the ability to communicate in English fluently, extensive expertise and customer service skills 3.0, he can well communicate and respond to the strict demands of international customers about the architecture design and maintain good relationships with customers and always get high appreciation from partners.

A. Human resources:

“Human” – the foundation for the development, growth and making profit of DINCO. With this criterion, DINCO has increasingly concentrated on attracting, exploiting, fostering and improving our staff for the purpose of continuing confirming that our Corporation is not only a prestige with International and Domestic Owners but an effective home of contribution, showing abilities and learning for the whole staff, also.

The investment in human resource of DINCO is performed through those objectives below:

United – Active – Professional

  • The adjectives above refer to our working environment. Every staff also has a chance to show, represent and improve their own abilities and professional skills.
  • Not only attracting confidental staff that have many experiences and advanced knowledge and professional skills, DINCO is also a good place for young, active, creative and enthusiastic employees.
  • Apart from that, DINCO staff are confident in confirming that we are a mutual united team who willing to contribute ourselves to the common development of the Corporation.


We set up suitable labour policies complied with Regulations of Vietnam Labour Law:

  • Working time: 44 hours/week
  • Holidays, days off work of all kind: comply with Regulations of Vietnam Labour Law.
  • Working conditions, equipments, facilities, conveniences and means of transport used for Work: available for all staff and workers.


DINCO ensure all insurances and necessary safety conditions for all staff and workers:

  • Social insurance, heath insurance and incident insurance are always available for all. Besides, social security as well as labour protection are on periodical.
  • Regulations on pregnancy, maternity and other kinds are performed properly.


DINCO satisfy the rights and profits for all staff and workers

  • The policy of salary: suitable for abilities and responsibilities of each labour. Allowances and subventions: details as per Human Resource Policies of the Corporation.
  • Additional policy of supporting labour, bonus and reward: often on annual cases and depends on the revenue of the Corporation.


All staff and workers have the responsibilities of obeying the general regulations and rules of the Corporation

  • Ensure that all responsibilities and works must be completed in the time had been set as well as their work must be in the best quality and efficiency.
  • All employers and labour have to wear uniform and be on time at work.
  • Keep secret all nonpublic information of the Corporation.


In all regulations of welfare:

  • Policies of supporting, visit and encouragement staff and workers in any case
  • Policies of unpaid and paid holidays and days off work
  • Allowances and subsidy of accommodation and transport for staff and workers on their business trips, etc
  • Subvention of lunch, enthusiastic, responsibilities and other kinds
  • Annual domestic and international travels for all staff and employers.
  • Annual mutual gatherings, meetings, parties, etc in many occasions.

Chart 1: Structure By Qualifications

Data is updated until 31/12/2018

Chart 2: Management Staff

Chart 3: Engineers & Architects


Chart 4: Total Staff

B. Financial data:

Chart 5: Total Assets

Chart 6: Revenue

Chart 7: Profit

Chart 8: Limit Of Loan And Guarantee Financed By BIDV

C. Equipment resources 

Thanks to the modern abundant resources of equipment, plants, DINCO is willing to satisfy all requirements of scope and progress of project of the Client






Company history

Establishment of construction team No. 3 - belonging to Danang Infrastructure Construction and Development Company


Established Danang Infrastructure Development & Construction Joint Stock Company (DINCO).


Invested Thanh Vinh Extension Industrial Cluster of 400,000m2


1st time to win a foreign-invested project – Daiwa Fishing Rod Factory of Daiwa Group


Established MEP Division and won the MEP package for CCI electronic component manufacture factory project


Won the project of Danang Sea Encroached New Town of Daewon Cantavil


Established DINCO Architecture Company


Joined capital in the establishment of Son Phuoc Minerals JSC


Named in the list of 500 biggest companies in Vietnam by VNR


2nd time to be named in list of 500 biggest companies in Vietnam and ranked in top 10 of the fastest grown companies in Vietnam by VNR500 for business year 2011.


Completed Colgate Toothbrush Factory Project, which followed LEED standard – Silver level


Won the first Design and Build Project - Kamui Vietnam Factory


Acquired ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificates


Established Dinco Saigon Inc.


Won the Project of Schneider One CVN at HCMC Hi-Tech Park, which follows LEED standard – Gold Level


Selected to be the General Contractor for the hi-end apartment project – Hiyori Garden Tower


DINCO E&C achieved the Construction Capability Certificate – Class I


DAC achieved the Construction Capability Certificate – Class I


Won the Design & Build work for Amann Vietnam Factory


MEP Division was separated to establish DITECHCO Mechanical and Electrical Corporation under DINCO E&C


Won Design & Build work for Sunshine Aerospace Aviation Components Manufacture Plant


Won Design & Build work for Groz-Beckert Vietnam Factory II


Won Design & Build work for Happy Dung Quat Factory


Won Design & Build work for Steel wire & steel cord manufacturing factory Bekaert Viet Nam - Dung Quat